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opening reception: Friday, MARCH 6th 

from 5-8pM


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What would night be like without day? Hot, without cold? What would life, or art, be like without contrast? “Black (& White) Magic” – the new show at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, explores the art of contrast.

Come meet featured artists Ardie Harrison and Kristie Foss at the Opening Reception on Friday, March 6th from 5-8 PM. Ardie Harrison’s atmospheric wildlife and scenic photographs, often shot in color, can be even more evocative in black and white. And jewelry artist Kristie Foss creates magical contrasts of texture, shape, and color with precious metal and polymer clay.

Dark clouds reflect off calm silver seas in a black and white photograph by Ardie Harrison. “My images come from the world I see before my eyes,” says the photographer.  “Looking through a lens, I have a connection to the slice of time I capture with my camera. Photography, in its purest form, tries to capture what the photographer sees, accurately and creatively.  I try to create an image that represents the visual and emotional impact the scene has for me.  Contrast (texture) should be one of many elements of every image.” Using black and white gives the artist more contrasting elements to work with in creating a unique image. “Hopefully when you look at my images,” adds Mr. Harrison, “you see something that provides a space that draws you in.”

Featured artist Kristie Foss creates colorful, imaginative jewelry with precious metal clay,  porcelain, polymer and pearls. “The theme of the March show,  “Black (& White) Magic” - the Art of Contrast, can easily be epitomized through polymer “ says the artist. “Not only can polymer pieces display the contrast of black and white, through polymer I can also demonstrate contrasts of texture, shape, size, and color.” Pieces on display include intricately detailed pendants and earrings and a small black and white box, all reflecting the artist’s fascination with her medium’s endless possibilities. “If you can think up something to try with polymer,” says the artist, “it can probably be done.”  

March’s show will also feature vibrant oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings, photography, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, and more. And of course, as always at the Artists’ Cooperative, shopping is tax-free. 


More from Ardie Harrison:

“A great photo takes planning, preparation and a bit of luck and timing, but it still feels like a gift that I receive when I’m out there and it all comes together,” says the artist. The photographer is based in Quaker Hill, Connecticut, where, he says, he “can be found waiting for the light with my camera in our beautiful area with my loyal dog, Jack.”

Mr. Harrison does commissioned work, and has exhibited at galleries in Michigan, Minnesota and Connecticut. The artist loves sharing his images and the stories behind them, and is happy to answer questions or, better yet, have his viewers tell him what they see in his photographs.


More from Kristie Foss:

“Since childhood, I've enjoyed creating with my hands. I've long been making things for others and for myself including jewelry, clothes, and decorating items such as boxes and clothing.  Originally a beadweaver and a seamstress, I also worked in acrylics for several years.  A series of events led me to precious metal clay, porcelain, and polymer.  I've been "claying" ever since.

I thoroughly enjoy polymer - it's such a versatile and responsive medium. Polymer can be molded, folded, wrinkled, pressed, cut, carved, textured, and embellished in just about any way imaginable… Almost all of the effects I explore with polymer are based on manipulation of the clay in particular ways.  People often assume that the surface of the clay has been painted to create the designs.  Actually, in the majority of my pieces, the color is derived from the clay, not from paint.”


The Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly is located at 7 Canal Street in downtown Westerly, RI. The Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 11AM to 7PM and Sunday, 1-5PM. Please call 401-596-2221 or visit or our Face Book page for information about the show, ACGOW and its artists.  

Featured Artists: Ardie Harrison and Kristie Foss