"A Change in Scene" - Shifting Perspectives

The September Show at ACGOW.......Open Now through September 28th

Featured Artists:  John Fast and Nina Briggs

Come meet the artists at the Opening Reception on Friday, September 5th from 5 - 8 PM.

A moose raises his head, shaking drops of water from antlers covered in spring velvet.  A full moon rises over New London's Ledge Lighthouse.  Vibrant color on an iridescent porcelain pendant shifts from deep pink to luminous blue.  In a "Change of Scene", September's show at the Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, work by featured artists John Fast and Nina Briggs, reflects shifting seasons as well as perspectives.  Visitors are invited to meet the artists at the show's Opening Reception on Friday, September 5, from 5 to 8PM.

Featured artist John Fast's wildlife and scenic photography captures moments that might otherwise be lost in time, including friendly puffins interacting on a remote Maine island.  The results of his patience in waiting for the unexpected while photographing wildlife or the perfect moment of light playing over a landscape can be seen in photos whose subjects range from close ups of proud foxes to a panorama of Old Quebec City.  His work includes large and highly detailed panoramas created by "stitching" together multiple images, as well as high dynamic range images.  Mr. Fast's passion for wildlife photography began with trips to Alaska and he travels extensively.

Featured artist Nina Briggs creates stoneware and hollow porcelain pendants embellished with lustrous glazes and lyrical images sculpted with precious metal clay.  Work on display includes ivory and camelian glazed pendants traced with intricate floral imagery.  Daily walks in nature inspire and energize the artist, whose work and artistic process reflects nature's slowly shifting rhythms, forms, and colors.  She savors the seasons' gradual changes, says Ms. Briggs, "slowly moving from the dark tree trunks of winter to the feathery greens of spring.  Then to the large and dark green leaves, a change so slow, it's barely noticed.  Moving into autumn, the leaves become lacy again, but from loss, not growth.  And, in a way, that is how I work.  Lots of slow, deliberate moves before any change is visible."

"A Change of Scene" also features work by other member artists in paintings, pottery, photographs, glass, fabric, sculpture, and artisan furniture.  And, as always at the Artists' Cooperative, shopping is tax-free.

More on John Fast:
"My passion for wildlife photography, along with scenic photography of the natural world, defines my interests today," says Mr. Fast.  When asked about the source of his patience for photographing wildlife, he says, "Quite simply, it is the anticipation of the unexpected behavior which can keep me for hours on and watching animals, be they moose, bears, or birds.  A similar anticipation holds for scenic photography as I watch the light play over the landscape, waiting for that special moment of light and shadow that beckons me to capture it to share with others.  Photography has been a part of his life as long as he can remember.  "I have snapshots of me at six or seven with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye in my hands.  As many other interests, including fly fishing, flying, amateur radio, and woodworking entered my life and faded, I realized that, in some way, I managed to weave photography into each of them and only it has endured."

More on Nina Briggs:
Ms. Briggs' work has been featured in juried shows and galleries all over the Northeast, and her memberships include the Providence Art Club, the Courthouse Center of the Arts, the Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Guild, a national association of artists, teaching and developing the use of precious metal clay, and the Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly.  Also an expert of the dragonfly, the artist is currently illustrating "The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Rhode Island," to be published by the RI Department of Environmental Management.  Ms. Briggs pioneered using a hydraulic press and developed mold making for production of certain elements in jewelry design.  The artist teaches workshops to artists on technical and artistic uses of precious metal clay in various applications.  She lives and works in Wakefield, RI.

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