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     Next Stop: Westerly Train Station!
Starting on August 1st, we will have moved to the Westerly Train Station, located at 14 Railroad Ave.   All aboard!   Click here and here for  information on planned renovations.  See below for information on our ribbon cutting event on August 17!

August 11th

The 3rd Annual Art Heist!  It's a Heist, but it's legal!  You can heist an artwork with the purchase of a ticket or just come and enjoy the event, wine and appetizers!  Click here for more information and here to get a sneak preview of the art you can Heist!

August 17th

We will be having a ribbon cutting event to celebrate our move to the Westerly Train Station.  Click here to view invitation.

Join us at the gallery for our monthly shows with festive openings and for special performances at the 

Westerly Arts Café!

Check Events for all upcoming shows & performances at the Gallery.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​      IN THE GALLERY AUGUST 2018

​​         “A DOT ON A WALK - Paul Klee-Line”

August Exhibit at the Artists Cooperative Gallery of Westerly

Featuring Ardie Harrison and James Pepitone

 Opening Reception Friday, August  3rd, 5-8 PM

Click  here   to read about our Opening Reception

described in The  Westerly Sun.



Don’t miss our new Gallery Shop featuring a variety of smaller works of art perfect for gift giving!

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Artist Paul Klee once said, “A line is just a dot on a walk.” If all the artists at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery were dots, there would be many lines stretching from their current space to their new home at the Westerly Train Station. Beginning August 1, the Gallery will enjoy its new home for the next two years while its current location undergoes major renovations during the creation of the new United Theatre arts complex.

Come see our new show, “A Dot on a Walk” – Paul Klee - exploring Line, at our first Opening Reception in our new location - Friday, Aug 3rd, from 5-8 PM. Featured photographer Ardie Harrison exhibits evocative images capturing the essence of his recent “walk” across Scotland. And featured wood artist James Pepitone’s hand-crafted driftwood tables and furniture echo his own creative reinvention.


Enjoy “A Dot on a Walk” and explore our historic and inspiring new space.