Exploring this wonderful world feeds my soul and brings me great joy. My aspiration is to capture the essence of the subjects I’m drawn to using the creative medium of photography.  Any day I can be outdoors in nature or traveling somewhere interesting is a great day! I am passionate about creating images that express a depth of feeling.

I love waking up early to capture the magic of first light of day. I am a lucky person to be able to see such beauty. I am rewarded with the unexpected. A great photo takes planning, preparation and a bit of luck and timing, but it still feels like a gift when I’m out there and it all comes together.

Photography, in its purest form, tries to capture what the photographer sees, accurately and artistically. Photography has helped me "smell the roses" by forcing me to look at the wonderful details in the world around us.  I enjoy selecting the most interesting of those images and sharing them with others, perhaps enabling them to gain a new perspective.

My subject focus is heavily weighted towards nature with an emphasis on wildlife and scenic images.  I enjoy people shots and interesting man-made creations as well.  For scenic images, I seek out interesting patterns of light, sky, land and water that are pleasing to the eye.  I love to observe animals.  While I do enjoy watching and photographing people, I prefer candid shots where I can capture the individual in a more natural manner.

To see more of my work, I invite you to visit my website at www.ardieharrison.com. You can also contact me at: Phone: 860-447-8941; Email: ardieharrison@sbcglobal.net​​

Ardie Harrison