Hi, I'm Cherie Phillips. I love art and I love people! Arts and crafts has always been a huge part of me. As a child I would gather scraps of anything I could find to be creative with such as paper, fabric, boxes, nail polish, salt...I even used rocks to draw on the sidewalks. As I grew up, nothing changed. I'm still gathering and creating. Acrylic mixed media and layering acrylic with intention creativity are my favorite mediums. 

My goal as an artist, and in my life in general, is to help others feel the joy and healing that art gives by creating and by being ministered to by viewing works of art. I see my art as a tool to be used to draw people out of themselves; to evolve emotions and to generate healing. 

I have taught art in a couple of private schools in the area, provided workshops for ladies of a local recovery group, and for many groups within churches in our community. My heart is hosting ladies healing art workshops and retreats which I am able to do a couple times each year. 

You can find me at ACGOW, my website at www.cheriewithartandsoul.com, and my home studio in Bradford, RI.

If you'd like to contact me you can reach me by email at rag.dollhouse@yahoo.com
or by phone at 401-525-6765.

Cherie Phillips