Edward Porter

Having grown up in rural Maine, I was exposed to nature and the outdoors by my father. As a child I was always drawing and painting - mostly of outdoor subjects - which is where my main interest as a photographer is today.

The main thing, that is important to me, is the composition and how the subject/location moved me. That is - what caught my attention. I try to project in my photographs that feeling of what moved me to shoot that image. I will, if need be, use Photoshop to try to help convey that image and what captured my attention about that subject.

I studied painting and photography at what was Philadelphia College of Art (The name has changed since I was there), and earned my MFA degree from RI School of Design in Photography.

The artists and Photographers who influenced me were: Marsden Hartley, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Winslow Homer, and Elliot Porter (no relation).

To see more of my work or purchase a piece online I invite you to visit my Etsy page at: ECPorterPhotoArt