Artist Statement

                 by          ​                           Edward Porter

  Since my childhood in Maine, I have always done hiking, fishing, camping, and drawing. My artwork was always about the outdoors, involving nature and landscapes.Since doing drawing and painting as a young person, I’ve always felt that I see things in a “painterly” way.

  As an artist, I’ve been inspired by artists like Marsden Hartley, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Claude Monet, Eliot Porter, and Robert Capra – to name a few. The photographers Cartier-Bresson and Capra, in particular, who held the view that the shot was the most important thing in their art, influenced my work. Despite the advent of digital photography and programs like Photoshop, I agree with these artists that the most important thing is the shot. I may do some minor adjustments in programs like Photoshop, but the composition of the shot is what art in photography is all about – to me.

  I like the play of light and shadows in my work – that intrigues me. I especially like to create a mood. A good piece of art to me is one that holds your interest, affects your mood/feelings, and maybe even gets you to see or feel something new each time you look at it.

 And lastly, the feelings I get from seeing and capturing a new shot, is what continues to excite me as an artist.