2020 Events at ACGOW


Coming in October 2020...

The Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly's 27th Annual...

Regional Exhibit!

This is your chance to put forth your finest work with an opportunity to exhibit in the gallery and win cash prizes!  This will be a juried show of original and unique fine art pieces in any medium. 

Stay Tuned for more information!



Other Events



2020 Exhibit Schedule

JANUARY: “Exploration” New Perspectives

Show Dates: Jan. 8 thru Feb. 2
Opening Reception: January 10th, 5-8 PM
Featured Artists: Lisle Ann Jackson & Kristie Foss

FEBRUARY: Visiting artist Gert Rohdin
Show Dates: Feb 5 thru March 1
Opening Reception: Feb 7th, 5-8 PM

Featured Artist: Gert Rohdin

MARCH: “20/20 Carnivale” What a Sight!
Show Dates: March 4 thru Mar 29 

Opening Reception: March 6th, 5-8 PM
Featured Artists: Arlene Piacquadio & Kathleen Hemenway

APRIL: “20/20 April Fools” Seeing is Believing?
Show Dates: April 1 thru April 24 

Opening Reception: April 3rd, 5-8 PM
Featured Artists: Rebecca Crowley Hanlon & John McGuire

Show Dates: Apr. 30 thru May 31 

Opening Reception: May 1st, 5-8 PM

JUNE: “20/20 As Far As The Eye Can See” Inner Vision, Outer Vision
Show Dates: Jun 3 thru Jun 28
Opening Reception: Virtual Online Exhibit
Featured Artists: Lois Lawrence, Dan Marantz, John McGuire

JULY: “20/20 Women of Vision” 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

Show Dates: Jul 1 thru Aug 2

Opening Reception: Virtual Online Exhibit

Featured Artists: Ardie Harrison & Cherie Phillips

AUGUST: “20/20 Envisioning” Seeing Shine and Shadow
Show Dates: Aug. 5 thru Aug. 30 

Opening Reception: Virtual on-Line Exhibit
Featured Artists: Vladi & Linda King

SEPTEMBER: “20/20 Vision” Seeing the World at Peace
Show Dates: Sept 2 thru Sept 27 

Opening Reception: Virtual On-Line Exhibit
Featured Artists: Jane Robbins & Nancy Neilsen

OCTOBER: ALL Member Exhibit
Show Dates: Sept 30 thru Nov 1 

Opening Reception: Virtual On-Line Exhibit

Featured Artists: All Members & Associate Members

NOVEMBER: “20/20 As We See It” Annual All Members Exhibit 

Show Dates: Nov 4 thru Nov 29 

Opening Reception: Nov 6th, 5-8 PM

Featured Artists: All Members

DECEMBER: “20/20 Reflections” Earth, Sky and Water Show Dates:  Dec 2 thru Dec 27

Opening Reception: Dec 2nd, 5-8 PM


The Artists Cooperative Gallery of

Westerly is honored to be partnering

with Artists for World Peace on

September 11thfor a virtual auction

for Native Eyes Project. Many of our

members have generously contributed

to the cause in donating beautiful

6 x 6 canvases that will be available

for purchase in the auction. Each

painting will have a starting bid of

$50.00 with all proceeds directly support the Native Eyes Project.

While we are still distanced, let's join together virtually on

September 11th for Artists for World Peace. For more details on this event, click here to visit www.artistsforworldpeace.org