~ February  2018  Show  Demonstration~

                                  Artist: Kristie Foss    Medium: Polymer

For me, creating is a process of continual self-discovery.  Artistic media provide wonderful opportunities for creating and exploring, and for learning more about oneself.  Sometimes, I start with an idea and set about trying to make it.  Other times, a piece evolves as I work.  And of course, sometimes, something just sort of “happens.”  One of the things I particularly like about polymer is the ability to create design sheets that can later be made into a wide variety of products and projects. 
For the Gallery Opening in February, I will be demonstrating a technique called Mokume Gane.   Mokume Gane is a Japanese metalworking technique in which thin layers of variously colored metals are fused together, then distorted and ground down to reveal a beautiful pattern. Mokume gane translates closely to "wood grain metal" or "wood eye metal”.  Polymer artists, as they so often do, have developed a variety of techniques that capture the wonderful look of the original metal art form.  In the demonstration, I will demonstrate one or more of the methods for creating mokume gane using polymer clay.  The beautiful sheets that will be created can be used in a wide variety of projects including jewelry, making handles for tools or other implements, making book covers, covering small boxes, and more.
One beauty of working in polymer is the abundance of color. With polymer, I can create my own custom mixed colors to match anything I see, and then I have the joy of manipulating the clay to create a finished product. Color often serves as an inspiration for my pieces. The colors in the pieces in this show are all clay.  I am sometimes asked if I paint the flowers or other designs.  The answer is no.  I sometimes add inks or powders or other color agents to create additional layers of color, but designs within the clay are all created by the ways in which I have manipulated the clay.

Please visit my blog,  "http://www.kristiefoss.blogspot.com" http://www.kristiefoss.blogspot.com to learn about the various classes I teach and to see examples of my work.  Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.  I enjoy sharing what I do.