I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, painting or creating something. It came naturally to me. In the rural town where I was born, huge fields of grasses, bordered by wild berry bushes, trees and cinder trails were mine to explore for hours. I can still feel that freedom and feeling of childhood happiness today when I paint. I like to give a fresh take on the floral and landscape scenes in my memory and convey those ideas using semi-abstraction, color, texture and something beyond the ordinary. Somewhere between the idea for a painting and the final brushstroke, mystery comes calling and I end up with a painting that looks completely different from what I envisioned. This is what I love about painting - the mystery of it.

I live in Pawcatuck, and I am happy to be able to paint in my own studio. I like to work in just about any media, but since 2009 I have been focusing on oils and mixed media.

In addition to painting I love to bake, garden, explore the woods with my dogs, listen to music and read.

To see more of my work I invite you to visit my website at www.lindapeduzzi.com

Linda Peduzzi