When I scan the world of creation I see a watercolor filled with endless glazed nuances. My eye naturally ponders and pauses at its great artistry. I see vignettes, and the sheer perfection and beauty of them. The interaction of color, shadows and composition...be they delicate flowers in a garden, dazzling lights dancing on the water or the breath-taking vista seen from afar….hold me in its grasp. And then...I begin to paint the watercolor in my mind. Determining what paint mixture would make that sparkling color, what brush technique would make that texture. My inner view-finder crops and the focal point speaks.... Of course, it is much easier said than done!!! My journey as an artist is to learn to paint what my soul sees and longs to express. It is a journey of increased skill, and an acceptance of the grace that keeps me ever taking up the brush again, growing, exploring and capturing. Each new day I am excited to give it a go as a faithful witness. Check back often to see what is new. My latest work is always featured prominently in my social media. Enjoy!

Lizbeth Maxson McGee