Lois Lawrence

Artistic Journey

A lawyer by profession, I have made art continuously throughout my career. I have been painting for most of my adult life. In recent years I have created a series of paintings in acrylic on wood panel which I coat with a clear glossy resin. I supplement these with more traditionally finished framed pieces. While I paint mostly landscapes and have a fascination for the infinite variety of natural skies, I also enjoy figurative painting and the freedom of abstraction. 

Figurative painting has been the most recent addition to my artistic journey. While I studied portraiture some years ago with the late Deane Keller at the Lyme Acadamy (now the Lyme College of Art) in  Connecticut, and more recently, still life with artist Dan Truth at the Mystic Museum of Art, I am primarily self-taught.  I am most drawn to landscapes, interiors and on subjects that tell a story. 

I am passionate about travel and memorialize my voyages in photos to serve as reference and inspiration once I am back at my easel.  Recently these have been images I captured in Montreal, Paris, and Martinique. I also appreciate the beauty all around where I live in Stonington, Connecticut and many of my favorite subjects are within a short walk from my home.

Having experienced the pleasure of being an active member of a vibrant artistic community, I plan to continue to focus on making art and growing as an artist.

I share my ideas and techniques on my blog and I invite you to stop by and visit...just click here: www.mystoningtongarden.com.