Madeline Beaudry

Rue Magic Studio
15 Corey Trail Wyoming, RI

Madeline Beaudry

 Rue: The Herb of Grace.  

Ancient people would burn rue to dispel evil and open a window to the divine.  Rue is also said to thin the veil separating us from  the unseen world.

Rue Magic Studio:   Madeline Beaudry, Doll and Fiber Artist.

It has taken me over 60 years of living to have the courage to call myself an artist.  If one were to ask me why I create, I would simply answer,” Because I must”.  Plain and simple.  My first love,  and always will be my deepest artistic passion, was clay.  Life changes made it an impossible medium for me so I gravitated to fiber which, when working with wool, is very similar to clay.  Both afford a variety of artistic expressions both  functional and  sculptural, both require an addition of energy to arrive at their final form, both can and should participate with the artist in their creation, and both media nourished my desire to make dolls.  Creating a doll as a work of art is slowly gaining appreciation in our American culture. Dolls are often looked on as only something to play with. In my work I strive to transform that concept from playthings for children to intricate works of art.  My dolls are completely hand made.  Even the cloth used in the armature and the clothing is hand felted and often hand dyed.   In doll making,  I try  to tell stories.  Stories from nature, history, the world of dreams and fantasy, the spiritual world and the unconscious.  Every step in making a doll is an adventure, but nothing compares to that moment when the doll becomes “someone”. That moment when she or he is looking back at me with a personality and life all their own.  It is a moment of pure joy and thanksgiving.  When I create clothing, it is my hope that this same magic becomes incorporated into each piece.  Silk, wool, cotton, colors and textures all meld into a seamless tapestry of love and warmth.  The beauty of nature finds a way onto silk through the process of eco printing.  All working together to tell a story:  fireflies dancing on a summer evening, spring rain, winter fire, stardust in the heavens.  It is my hope that anyone who lives with or wears one of my creations comes a little closer to the beautiful, unseen world of mystery and magic.