I was exposed to visual art early in my life. My father was an art teacher and I got to see a lot of varied student’s work that he brought home to grade.(My daughter is also an art teacher).

Although mostly self-taught, I have been influenced by other artists and their works.
And there is a lot to learn by just copying an already accomplished artist’s works as an exercise. I have done many sketches from reproductions by John Singer Sargent and Foster Caddell for example. Also, over the years I have acquired about  a dozen castings (mostly classical) of heads that make good subjects to draw. They “live” in my studio and really, I don’t talk to them (much). 
And I try to get out and do as much life drawing from a live model as much as possible.
And for me the learning process continues with every drawing and painting.
Painting portraits is challenging and fun. And what is more interesting and varied that people’s faces?
Most of my portrait paintings are done from photographs as reference.
I like to do a few charcoal sketches first to get a “feel” of what I am going to paint.
Then it is on to the acrylic paint, with multiple glazed layers to make corrections and to add depth. 

 My work has been shown at :

-Lyman Allyn Museum (New London Art Students league)

-Mystic Art Association (Regional Show)

-Electric Boat Campus New London (on a continuing basis)



Paul Flanagan