Rose Mary Gates

My interest in art has always been with me.  I see images, real or imagined, as opportunities to interpret my view of what I see for others.  I believe art reveals some aspect of oneself that perhaps we may not even be aware we have, for the artist and viewer alike.  With that in mind, I feel a piece is not finished until it is shared with others.

My favorite medium is oil painting because the richness  of the pigment allows for the flowing strokes of colors I strive to create.  I don't have a preferred surface to paint on as of now and have experimented with canvas, linen panels and aluminum in various sizes.  

I spent years drawing with pencil before transitioning to color.  My drawing experience has helped me when painting portraits, figures and objects.  Now my subject matter is primarily seascapes and waves and painting water has opened up a world without the lines and solid forms I previously relied upon.

My interest in painting the ocean stems from my feelings of awe for its beauty and force.  I'm captivated by the movement and drama of the open sea. I hope that the viewer sees the wonders of this mysterious body of water when viewing my paintings.