​                MetalSculptures

Jewelry Collection


​​I've always had a creative drive, and have spent years delving into a variety of crafts

however, it was after taking a two day metal workshop ten years ago, that I realized

metal was to be my creative medium. Since that time I have been honing my skills

and stretching my creative ability working with metal. That two day workshop, plus

guidance from my husband on using power tools safely, has been my only formal

training in metal sculpture.

I describe my creations as uncommon, contemporary, interpretive designs, hand

crafted from new and reclaimed metals. Often I use a combination of metals including

copper, brass, and tin, as well as  incorporating wood and fiber into my designs. I

particularly like to use reclaimed metals not only for their ecological value, but also

for the natural patinas that result from being weathered.

In addition to my materials themselves, I find inspiration all around me.  I am an avid

gardener so the colors and shapes of flowers and plants have always caught my attention.

The movement of a flowing stream, the crashing and colors of the ocean, the sky at dawn

and sunset all have an impact on me and therefore transfer to my art.