I have always loved all kinds of art.

Drawing, painting, music, photography, dancing, building, and interior design have been passions that I pursued throughout my youth.

An Engineer by trade, upon graduating from The Czech Technical University in Prague, I packed up my crayons and fled communist Czechoslovakia to start a new life in the free US. There was so much to discover and learn in my new and wonderful world! Busy raising a young family and building my career, photography became my artistic outlet. 

I’ve now entered a new phase, after retiring a few years ago. I was introduced to a technique called “Oil/Cold Wax Painting,” which is not defined by subject matter nor the degree of realism but rather unified by experimentation in texture and the physicality of building paint layers. I fell in love. 

Oil/Cold Wax painting allows a deep level of expression and the result is always an inspiration to try again! The thrill and joy of creating makes painting my passion!